VW Karmann Ghia Restoration


This rare 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Semi-Auto came to us after being off the road for a few years. At first glance it didn't look too bad, but after probing deeper the rust was found to have got a grip everywhere.

The body was stripped back to bare metal in order to help find all the rot, and prep it for it's later respray. This uncovered many layers of paint over the years, and a few repairs, some good some not so good. The not so good were cut out along with any rot (a lot!) found along the way. Nosecone needed large repairs, as well as front corner replacement, air box repair and replacement. Both floorpan's were replaced along with heater channels, outer sill panels, lower wings all round. Both rear wheel arches needed repairs, along with the rear body mounts which were almost nonexistent. These had to be fabricated from scratch as they are no longer available.

Front axle was removed and shotblasted, then cut and adjusters fitted, repainted and refurbed with new bearings, polybushes, shocks etc.

Underside was coated first with Hammerite, then under sealed for protection. New brake lines throughout were fitted, front axle replaced.

Just in, not looking too bad.

Appeared fairly straight.

Signs of trouble.



Floorpan Rotted Through.

Rear Quarter Rotted Out.

Rotten Floor Removed.

Paint Stripping. There was a lot!

Nosecone Repair.

Nosecone Rust Chop.

Nosecone Rust Chop.

Nosecone Passenger SIde.




Inner Panel

Front View

Nosecone Replaced.

Sill Bracing

Sill Chop.

Sill Chop. Oh Dear.

Heater Channel Replaced.

Front Heater Channel.

Front Heater Channel.

Driver Wing Replacement

Driver Wing Replacement

Driver Wing Replacement

Engine Out

Front Bumper Mount.

Driver Air box

Driver Inner Wing

Driver Wheel arch Rot

Driver Rear Quarter

Rear Body Mounts.

Passenger Wheel arch Replaced.